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So, I just took a personality test.  I’m suprised how accurate it is, it’s not 100%, but pretty darn close.

ESFPs are warm, loving, generous and sympathetic. They especially like physical affection such as hugs, kisses, petting on the head, massages, snuggles, tickles, and just being held. They show their love through those ways as well as surprizing friends and loved ones with gifts. They want fun, variety, spontaniety, travel and adventure in their relationships and are usually not keen on settling down. This could be because of fear of rejection, commitment or because they found someone else. They like to keep things light and happy and not get into anything deep and lasting unless they are sure and have thought it out, which could take a while. This could cause their mates to express impatience which would make the ESFPs nervous and withdraw from them. ESFPs do not do well with anxiety, and are highly sensitive. When they can’t make people smile with their charming ways and their playfullnes, they feel bad as though it was their fault and leave. When they are in their best mood, they are seen as bouncy, hyperactive and childlike. Going from one activity to another so they wont be bored. When feeling their worst, they are moody, likely to beat themselves up (physically and/or mentally), call themselves unintellegent, think nobody takes them seriously and feel better after a good cry.

Explain things clearly, Appeal to their common sense, Do something they enjoy with them, Discuss things over a break in the action and then get right back into the fun, give them lots of tlc.

ESFPs see work as play. They like to whistle, drum, sing, talk or joke while they are doing work to keep what they are learning fun for them. This could cause teachers, mostly SJs, to feel that they are not paying attention. It could also be disturbing to people who like quiet when they think. ESFPs learn best when they are having fun. They also look at the person who is speaking to them as they can feel sound vibrations strongly. As they work they celebrate small accomplishments in what they are doing before moving on to the next, happy for what they have done, rather then being sad at what they still have to do. When they work with more logical things such as mathematics, they want to know how it relates to life right now. Preffering a hands-on approach, subjects like those can bore them. Their favorite subjects are ones that they have an interest in and ones that they can do things with and apply to the world around them. Music, drama, dance, competitive sports and computers are among many they like. They may also go into those areas when choosing their careers. Careers that may appeal to ESFPs are: actor, musician, stand up comedian, dancer, dance instructor, their favorite position in their sport of choice, gardener, painter, sculptor and chef. Sometimes though, it’s hard for them to decide.

The Artisan is typically quite playful, tends to live in the moment, have fun, get along easily with people, and be carefree and easy-going. He/She is impulsive and seeks the next experience or adventure. This person does not spend much time planning or philosophizing, preferring to take spontaneous action. He/She can gravitate toward risky activities. They love keeping their friends happy and will often challenge them to contests of skill such as video games or physical challenges, “Race you to the playground!”.

They are the artists of the society, the performers. Artisans tend to dislike too many rules and gravitate towards hands-on professions and hobbies involving tools or crafts.

Their speaking style is simple and concrete. They don’t use many methaphors and like to gesticulate. Body language expresses more.

SPs tend to dress casually and in sporty apparel. As sensors, SPs are aware of the colors and textures of their clothes but sometimes may appear messy. Some SPs love to feel good-looking and stylish, but still comfortable.

Working on cars, extreme sports, woodworking and gardening are common SP hobbies. SPs may also like painting, music and the fine arts if they have an artistic streak.

Gets energized when they are around other people. love to chit chat, mingle, and socialize. Take in information using their senses and focus on things that are actually there. Decide by their heart. Prefer values, motivations and feelings. They have a flexible approach towards life


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We got some news today about our little warrior Isaiah.  For those who have not read earlier post about him, he is an eleven year old boy who has been fighting AML Leukemia for the past 18 months or so.  In Nov. he had a bone marrow transplant, but in Feb. or early Mar. the cancer returned for a forth time.  Since the transplant his blood counts have continually dropped and it has been a waiting game.  BUT, today we got news that his counts were up!  Of course we don’t know exactly what this means but, I know this, it’s the first time in the last month or so that they have been up. 

So, again I ask for your prayers, some of you continued prayers.  Please pray that God would touch Isaiah and heal him fully.  Also for his family, for wisdom for his dad and step mom as they try to tend to Isaiah and the other children they have.  Pray that God would guide them and the Doctors as how best to care for Isaiah.  This little guy is an amazing little warrior, and is an inspiration to me and my family. 

Lastly, if you feel led, you can donate at overcomealm.org.  You can also read more about Isaiah and see pics at that site.

Thank you Lori

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What the *&#%!!!

So, I revieved an e-mail from a friend.  It was about Obama and at the end was this statement:

According to The Book of Revelations the anti-christ is: 
The anti-christ will be a man, in his 40s, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal….the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, will destroy everything.    Is it OBAMA?? 
I STRONGLY URGE each one of you to repost this as many times as you can!  Each opportunity that you have to send it to a friend or media outlet…do it! 
If you think I am crazy..Im sorry but I refuse to take a chance on the “unknown” candidate
Let me just say here that I am not an Obama supporter.  I have my own issues with ALL the candidates, but this just sent me into a tizzy.  My response to this was to reply all and ask if the person who sent this really believed it, and that when the book of Revelation was written there was no such thing as Muslims.
What makes people swallow whatever their given without even asking a question.  I am always surprised by the amount of crap that I recieve.  Most of the time the “facts” in the e-mail are not even credible.
So, if you are planning on sending me one of these e-mails….DON’T!


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