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So, I was flipping through the channels the other night, and stopped on Beauty and the Geek.  I’ve never watched the show before, but for some reason I watched for a bit.

As you have probably guessed from the title of the show, there are geeky guys and beautiful women who live together to learn from eachother. 

They were interviewing the geeks, and they were REAL geeks.  They also interviewed the Beauties, and there is a reason the show isn’t call brainy beauty and the geek!

So, the girls are your run of the mill airheads, but one stuck out more than the rest.  She comes on the screen and proudly says “yeah. I had a boob job.  It was a financial investment.  It will totally pay for itself when you think about all the drinks that will be bought for me, they will pay for themselves.”

Well, that was a convincing argument don’t you think?


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And why I should watch where the hell I’m walking!

So, after work today I had to stop by Walmart, which by the way, just may be HELL! I pull into the parking lot and there is a crowd gathered outside the entrance.  As I get closer I see that there is a woman on the ground and that the crowd are looky loos.  Of course there were a few people tending to her, but most were just there to see what was happening.  I drive slowing by because I , like most of the people crowding around this poor woman, am a looky loo too.  As I’m driving around cursing trying to find a damn parking space, and still trying to see what was happening with the poor woman, a maniac driver pulls into my path so I have to slam on my breaks.  Of course I shot her a “what the hell” look, not because I was mad that she pulled in front of me, but because it distracted me from my looky looing.  She of course promptly flipped me off, and my son of course had to promptly point it out.

So, I finally find a space, and I’m walking to the entrance, trying to watch what is up with the poor woman, when all of a sudden I feel hot steel on my leg and hands.  I turn to see what’s up and realize that an old woman, in the handicap space none the less, has just backed into me.  I’m a little stunned, and pissed off that I had to miss them loading the poor woman into an ambulance, when the old lady rolls down her window and says “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.”  HELLO YOU’RE IN A PARKING LOT WITH PEOPLE WALKING & TRYING TO WATCH THE POOR WOMAN ON THE GROUND!!!!!  I off course didn’t say that to her, I’m much to kind, I just said instead “I’m glad it wasn’t my son you hit!”

I turn to the guy walking next to us for sympathy and say  “she just hit me”, to which he replies “crazy”.

It is then that my son informs me, “mom you hit her, she was already moving and you hit her car.”  To which I inform him “hush, children are to be seen and not heard!!!!!!!” 😉

Some days I wonder why I ever leave the house…


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Top Ten MeMe

I was tagged by Sonja a while ago with this meme, but just got around to doing it.

Here’s how it goes:

1. Your top ten movies, (in no paticular order).

2. If tagged, write a post and tag 3-5 other people.

3. Tag back, (shout out link), to the one who tagged you.

4. Give a hat tip (HT) to Dan.


Green Card- first movie I saw with the hubby…(Thanks Sonja;-)

An Affair To Remember-Um…Cary Grant….Hello!

Chocolat- love the story of community and friendship…and of course Johnny Depp

Princess Bride- who doesn’t like this movie

The Note Book-great love story

So I Married an Axe Murderer-woman wooooooooman!

Little Miss Sunshine-so wrong, BUT soooo funny

Love Actually- just a great moving film

Anne of Green Gables-love, love, love those movies

Pride and Prejudice- Mr. Darcy of course

So, who to tag.

Brother Maynard

Cindy Bryan





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Friday we recieved word that our friends son, Isaiah, was back in the hospital. He had had two siezures and the Dr.s didn’t know why. By Friday night the Dr.s had told his parents that he may only have 24 to 48 hours to live.  Our community rushed to the hospital to rally around Isaiah and his family. 

There was a sense of unbelief, sorrow, and confusion lying heavy in the air. People went in a few at time to see him and came out visibly devastated. We talked amongst ourselves about Isaiah and the things we loved about him, comforted eachother and tried to pray.  It was raw and emotional.

Isaiah’s real mom was there, who has not been a good mom to say the least, and I found myself broken hearted for her.  One of the gals from our community and I spoke to her.  We told her that we were there for her too, and that if she needed to talk, scream, or have us pray with her just let us know.  It was uncomfortable because she is not very likeable, but she needs to see Christ, and if not in me then who.

My friends 2 teenage daughters were completely undone after seeing Isaiah, and my friend asked me to comfort them while she turn her turn.  I had no answers to their questions of why.  Why was he suffering, why was God allowing this to happen, all I could say is “I don’t know”.

These are painful, but beautiful snap shops of what it is to live in community, and what being the church is all about.  We take on some of the burden to lessen the load of others. 

As of today, Isaiah seems to be improving, but as always the roller coaster that takes you to the peak of hope to the depths of despair.

As always, I would ask you to please pray for Izzy, (Isaiah), for complete and total healing.  Pray for wisdom for the Docs and his parents.  And please pray for his real mom, that she will find her way back to Christ.

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I love this video and song.  I think we can all say this.

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I, like many other Americans, am part of a growing population known as the “Sandwich Generation”.  A 2006 report said that there was an estimated 16 million of us.  What is the Sandwich Generation?  People, like me, who have younger children in the home, and elderly parent in need of part or full time care.

My parents are 73 and 70.  They should be enjoying their retirement, however, they are not.  My dad is in poor health, and rarely leaves the house.  My mom is slowly going blind and can no longer drive.  So, I, on my days off, take my mom shopping and to appt.  I also have three kids, 13, 11 & 7, who also need my care and attention.  I also have a husband who, unfortunately, is many times neglected.  I am tired and worn, and feel like my life has taken a path that I didn’t see coming so soon.

  When my grandparents needed to be cared for, my parents took them into their home.  This subject has come up on many occasions and I cringe honestly, and feel guilty about that.  I would be more willing to do so if my kids were grown and out of the house, but I just can’t do that to my kids at this point. 

  So, I continue to live my life, trying to be all things to everyone, but feel like, in the words of Bilbo, like butter spread over to much bread.  I love my parent and want to honor them, but also need to do what is right for my family.  I look in the mirror and wonder when I became the grown-up.  I still feel to young to have to be making such adult decisions.  I look at my kids and think to myself, “where are your parents, I can’t possibly be old enough to have kids your age”.  I look at my parents and wonder when they got so OLD!

  So, if any of you wise readers have any advice, or feel the urge to pray for our family, I would be honored for both advice and your prayers.


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