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Ok, I’m gonna tell what may be my most embarrassing moment to date.
Last night the family and I were at The Landing Block Party. The hubby was helping out at one of the 4 BBQ’s and I was standing behind them chatting with friends. As I reached over to grab a bite of brisket from Rickard I lost my balance and started to fall forward.
Have you ever had one of those moments where everything is in slow motion? Well, that’s what happened as I knew I was falling and knew that if I tried to stop myself by putting my hands out on the BBQ I knew I would burn myself. So, instead I just fell forward and, you got it, knocked over the BBQ full of hamburgers.
I’m happy to say that besides a few bumps and bruises, the only thing serious hurt is my pride!
So, will you play along? Share one of your most embarrassing moments.


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